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Oil with wise art squeezed
From pure fruit of the old olive trees,
That sing -peace! -in their language mute
from the Umbrian hills for lonely hillsides,
Clear much more liquid than crystal,
Fragrant which oriental ointment,
Pure as faith than in metal
Concave burns you on the altar of silver,
Your rare virtues were not unknown
At the tables of Horace and Varro
That didn’t disdain sing you in their notes…

Gabriele D’Annunzio

(custom word-by-word translation – All Rights Reserved -)

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The time that refreshes and the sea that ripples,
Everything tells me that winter has come for me
And that I must, without delay, collect my olives,
And offer virgin oil to the altar of the good God.

Frédéric Mistral

Who we are

The Tabarrini Farm was born as a family business in 2020, thanks to the will and initiative of its founder Gianni Tabarrini.

Its origins are rooted in the agricultural activities that have always been carried out by the Tabarrini family starting from grandpa’ Agostino, then continued by dad Sabatino and mom Teresa.

Gianni Tabarrini
Gianni Tabarrini

What we do

The Tabarrini Farm produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil, starting from the olive harvest on its land, located in a range of extreme excellence: that of the district of the municipality of Trevi (PG), in Italy.

The location of its estates, associated with a limited quantity of olive production guarantees the obtaining of a product of great quality and excellent taste.

Tabarrini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, often abbreviated to EVO oil, is an integral part of the family history of the Tabarrini lineage, a product to which it’s inextricably linked by many generations.

Wisdom, tradition and innovation are artfully combined to give life to this exceptional product of the land: “EVO Tabarrini” Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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